RENEXPO Poland 2017 - the seventh edition of the largest trade fair in Poland devoted to renewable sources of energy is approaching

ronexpo Poland 2017

For several years, the International Trade Fair for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency is the place where trade specialists meet, exchange experience and present novelties related to renewable sources of energy. This year will be the same. The seventh edition of the RENEXPO® Poland 2017 trade fair will be held between October 25 and 27 in the Warsaw EXPO XXI Center. The event is organized by REECO Poland.

The idea behind the trade fair is to present the offers of exhibitors to a specific and strictly specified target group. The RENEXPO® Poland trade fair is unique this aspect and it has a higher purpose. It is an international platform for meetings for experts in the field of renewable sources of energy and, at the same time, it shows the potential and the development opportunities of this market in our country. The organizers of the trade fair took care about an extensive substantive part which inspires discussions and search for innovative solutions. The three days of the trade fair are three days filled with international conferences, trade forums and congresses during which topics essential for the market of renewable sources of energy are discussed. Every year the RENEXPO® Poland trade fair shows stronger and stronger arguments that the production, distribution and consumption of renewable energy is simple as well as profitable in a longer time perspective. 

Distinct thematic sectors 
The trade fair is divided into distinct thematic sectors to make it easier for the visitors to reach a specific offer. They include: production of energy from wood, biomass, biogas and biofuel (bioenergy); wind energy, CHP - cogeneration; energy-efficient construction and renovation of buildings; water energy; heat pumps; geothermal energy; solar energy. As in the previous year, the exhibitors will be able to present their products and services as well as innovative solutions on joint thematic stands which will include a stand organized under the slogan "Together for biogas". This possibility is a perfect opportunity to highlight significant issues as well as to arrange joint meetings with experts. There will also be novelties which, in the opinion of the organizers of the trade fair, may contribute to extending the profile of visitors with new target groups. The Balkans will be the Partner Region of RENEXPO® Poland 2017. 

Substantive accompanying events
This year`s accompanying events will be related to the most popular topics, such as: photovoltaics, biogas, biofuels, water energy, electric vehicles, storage of energy, energy efficiency. There will also be a new topic - smart solutions in the power sector. The International Conference for Photovoltaics in Poland will be held for the seventh time and the PV Forum, in cooperation with the Polish Society for Photovoltaics and Stanisław Pietruszko, PhD will be held for the sixth time. Both events have an international character, both in the context of the participation of speakers from abroad as well as attenders and an unabated popularity. The organizers of the trade fair along with the Union of Producers and Employers of Biogas Industry (UPEBI) also invite you to participate in the 6th Biogas Forum - this topic enjoys a huge interest which is proven by the number of participants of the forum in the previous year - 250 people. The international event EVIM CENTRAL EUROPE "Electrical Vehicles and Infrastructure" will be held for the second time. The topic of electrical mobility will be presented in the part of this event open for all guests. Visitors interested in topics related to water power may start booking their places for a two-day 7th Polish Hydropower Conference which is organized in cooperation with the Polish Hydropower Association (TEW), the Polish Association for Small Hydropower Development (TRMEW), the Szewalski Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery as well as the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN). The forum "Energy and buildings" organized by the editors of the website GlobEnergia will present many interesting facts about the energy efficiency of large-scale and large-space facilities. The nearest edition of the trade fair will also present topics related to energy banks during the 2nd International Energy Storage Congress in Poland. You will receive the latest information on biofuels during the 6th Conference on Biofuels organized by the Polish Chamber of Biofuels. The career zone "Environment Now" will include the current opportunities on the job market in the trade of renewable sources of energy. 

First PC scientific conference
The first scientific conference PORT PC on heat pumps is worth mentioning from among novelties during the trade fair. It will be organized as one of two parallel thematic sessions of the 6th Congress of the Polish Organization for the Development of Heat Pump Technology (PORT PC). The theme of the conference will be "Transfer of Knowledge to the Industry". The purpose of the scientific event is to initiate cooperation between scientific and research centers and the industry. On the one hand, such approach is supposed to contribute to unleashing the potential of young scientists, and on the other hand - to create appropriate conditions for the increase in innovativeness of the heat pump technology. The representatives of scientific institutes, training and test centers as well as the industry have been invited to participate in the scientific session. 

Prestigious competition RENERGY AWARD
The trade fair will be traditionally accompanied by the sixth edition of the competition for the RENERGY AWARD Cup which is awarded in two categories: outstanding personality of the trade of renewable sources of energy as well as innovative technology of the RENEXPO® Poland trade fair. The jury in the first category takes into account the role, the effectiveness of actions and special achievements in the trade of renewable sources of energy, while in the second - innovative technologies presented by exhibitors in one of the thematic trades: solar power, biogas, hydroelectricity plants, heat pumps, biomass and biofuel, wind energy. Sylwia Koch-Kopyszko from the Union of Producers and Employers of Biogas Industry (UPEBI) was awarded the award for the outstanding personality of the trade of renewable sources of energy in the previous year. The winners in the category "Innovative Technology of the RENEXPO® Poland Trade Fair 2016" were two companies ex aequo: CORAB Sp. z o.o. (innovative photovoltaics) and Daikin Airconditioning Poland Sp. z o.o. (innovative heat pumps)

The Balkans as the Partner Region of RENEXPO® Poland 2017 
This year the organizers decided to put into effect the idea of the Partner Region for the first time. The Balkans will be the Partner Region of this year`s edition, because renewable energy is gaining popularity in this region and the interest of Polish companies in this region is visible. "The REECO Group is also organizing RENEXPO® in Belgrade and Sarajevo so we have numerous contacts in this region. The preliminary negotiations show a very positive acceptance of our idea", says Małgorzata Bartkowski, Project Manager of RENEXPO® Poland. The organizer is expecting the representatives of trade organizations, people from the world of politics as well as organized business trips from this region.

Planned business meetings 
The RENEXPO® Poland 2017 trade fair will once again make it possible to extend the network of priceless business contacts. "Cooperation meetings" are addressed to all entrepreneurs who are looking for professional partners and suppliers from the widely understood power sector, in particular operating in the field of renewable sources of energy as well as energy-efficient buildings. The purpose of the meetings has not changed from the very beginning of the trade fair - quickly and easily connect those who are looking for one another. The participation in the "Cooperation Meetings" is free of charge but it requires a previous on-line registration at the trade fair website. 

The visitors at RENEXPO® Poland 2017 will also enjoy such attractions as: test drives in electrical vehicles or moderated visiting of stands for organized groups. 

The organizers are looking forward to cooperation from the representatives of the mass media, organizations, associations and state institutions interested in the topic of renewable energy in our country. Additional information may be found at 

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