iBRoad publishes "The iBRoad Concept in practice"

1 day 23 hours ago

Report on suggested elements, content and layout of the iBRoad tools.


The Report “The iBRoad Concept in practice” aims to elaborate on the concept and benefits of the Individual Building Renovation Roadmap, giving an overview of the potential services to be provided by the relevant software itself, as well as of the potential links with other tools or services available on the market, and present the ones that are to be actually implemented and tested under the iBRoad project.


Stellina Patelida

COP24: huge untapped potential in greener construction, says UN environment agency

2 days 21 hours ago

“It’s critical we have a big change over the next couple of years in how we do buildings and construction”, said Joyce Msuya, Deputy Executive Director of UNEP. “We only need to look at the current norms and quality of many buildings to see that we can do so much better,” she said, emphasizing that “we need to raise the bar in energy-efficient, green buildings and far better practice in construction.”


Editorial Team

COP24: Time to address the building and construction sector’s total emissions impact

5 days 16 hours ago

The recent IPCC report removes all doubt: the building and construction sector must decarbonise by 2050 to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. As nations all over the globe tackle operational emissions from buildings, we must challenge ourselves to address our sector’s total emissions impact if we are to deliver a truly net zero carbon building stock. COP24 must mark the beginning of a major global campaign to take on this challenge - one on which Europe must lead the world.


Editorial Team

4 Key challenges and solutions to achieving carbon neutrality

5 days 17 hours ago

The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has issued a recent report stipulating that without drastic measures to cut carbon emissions, reduce energy use and remove carbon already in the atmosphere, we are “extremely unlikely” to meet the Paris Agreement goal of keeping global warming below 1.5C. With this new paradigm, it’s quite obvious what the to-do list should be for the production companies and large energy intensive ones.

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STARDUST : smart with a heart

6 days 22 hours ago

Along with the rest of the Smart City Community, in late September 2018, the STARDUST project attended the 4th Nordic Edge Expo & Conference in Norway. The Nordic Edge is an annual event where the Smart City community presents their latest innovative solutions. This makes it an ideal place for the project partners of the Horizon 2020 Smart Cities and Communities programme to catch up.


Construction21 Build UP user

What is an Energy Efficient Mortgages? EEM initiative published the definition

1 week 1 day ago

The Energy Efficient Mortgages (EEM) Initiative is unveiling its definition of an energy efficient mortgage which is the result of extensive cross-sectoral, market consultation of the lending institutions piloting the energy efficient mortgage framework and of the EEM Advisory Council.


The announcement coincides with the United Nations Climate Change Conference – COP24 –  taking place in Katowice, Poland until 14 December.


Editorial Team

ECTP Conference 2018 Report

1 week 1 day ago

The 8th ECTP Conference took place at the Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels on November 13-14, 2018 (cf. the conference programme).


More than 170 stakeholders from the whole construction value-chain and representatives of the European Commission (see list here) shared their experience and discussed how the EU construction industry is shaping a high-tech Sustainable Built Environment. 


Anne-Claire Bruant

Energy efficiency measures in schools to help children grow as future leaders of energy transition

1 week 1 day ago

Implementation of energy efficiency measures in schools and kindergartens, besides leading to energy savings and reduction of environmental pollution, would also improve the conditions in which children spend much of their time. More so, it would also develop their awareness of the importance of energy efficiency and sustainable development, making them future leaders of the energy transition process, was the message conveyed at the 6th meeting of the Serbian Parliamentary Energy Policy Forum (PFEPS), held under the title Energy Transition for Serbia.


Editorial Team

Home sweet (hemp) home

1 week 1 day ago

December 5 is UN World Soil Day. The building industry has thus been called to account for its role in the massive use of mineral raw materials and environmental pollution. One solution comes from the bio-construction sector which draws on unlimited sources of natural materials such as hemp, which is a recyclable carbon sequestrator. But how comfortable is it to live in a hemp house?


isobio youris

When citizen engagement makes the difference

1 week 2 days ago

Involving citizens is the biggest challenge to finalise large-scale energy efficiency works in neighbourhoods. An emblematic story comes from Valladolid, Spain, where “no, we can’t” has become “yes, we can”


Thirty-one apartment buildings comprising 140,000 m2 of floor space: Europe’s most ambitious energy-saving renovation project is transforming Torrelago, a residential district of Valladolid in central Spain.


Cityfied Secretariat

The Commission calls for a climate neutral Europe by 2050

2 weeks ago

Following the invitation by the European Council in March 2018, the Commission's vision for a climate-neutral future covers nearly all EU policies and is in line with the Paris Agreement objective to keep temperature increase to well below 2°C, and pursue efforts to keep it to 1.5°C. For the EU to lead the world towards climate neutrality means achieving it by 2050.


Editorial Team

Calling global leaders in energy management: Global Energy Management Awards 2019

2 weeks ago

The Energy Management Leadership Awards program for 2019 is now accepting entries. Any organization with an ISO 50001-certified energy management system is invited to enter this global competition, now in its fourth year. Sponsored by the Energy Management Working Group (EMWG) of the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM), these annual awards highlight leadership and achievement in using energy management systems to accelerate progress toward organizational, national, and global climate goals. 


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