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ISH 2023
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The trade fair industry is taking off again, society is in a state of upheaval and politics is more challenged than ever. This is precisely where ISH 2023 comes in - it takes aim at the issues of the future, paves the way for achieving goals and delivers concrete solutions.  

Full trade fair halls, breathtaking stand concepts, constructive discussions, satisfied faces - this is the conclusion of the first trade fairs that took place again this year. The upswing and the need for personal encounters can be felt everywhere. Inspired by these positive impressions, ISH is also starting its activities, themes and concepts for 2023 with a full thirst for action. This encouragement is also noticeable from the exhibitors: 80 percent of the exhibition space has already been requested and all market players are represented. With these messages in tow and a socio-political environment in which the SHK sector is particularly in demand, the signs are clearly set for success and shaping the future.

ISH 2023 presents solutions for a sustainable future

The ISH is both the flagship and the heart of the sanitary and HVAC sector. As a unique driver of innovation, it is the place where solutions for a sustainable future become tangible. Wolfgang Marzin, President and Chief Executive Officer of Messe Frankfurt, puts it in a nutshell: "Highly ambitious socio-political goals at international and European level require decisive action and the use of viable innovations and solutions. As the leading international sanitary and HVAC event, ISH shows what marketable solutions the European industry is already developing." Under the motto "Solutions for the Future", the focus at ISH 2023 will therefore primarily be on solutions for a sustainable future.

The link between the two ISH sections, Energy - Heat and Air - and Water, is formed more than ever by the theme of sustainability. In addition to design aspects, the ISH Water 2023 section focuses particularly on this topic. Whether in the consideration of materiality, production or long-lasting concepts for bathroom design for all generations and needs - the theme of sustainability hovers over everything. Of particular interest here is sustainable installation and quality for the valuable resource of water, as well as energy efficiency in the (hot) water supply.

Never before have we been made so aware of the importance of a secure energy and water supply. But above all: what consequences too great a dependence on individual energy sources and suppliers can have. The keywords here are energy self-sufficiency, security of supply, drinking water hygiene and diversification of energy sources towards an even higher share of renewable energies. Like hardly any other event, the ISH takes up precisely these topics and, for 2023, sets its sights above all on solutions for achieving the goals of the Paris Climate Protection Agreement, but also on the importance of intelligent energy management that links the heating and mobility sectors. Not to be forgotten: greater electrification and the associated topic of energy storage, as well as the ever-growing importance of hydrogen as an energy carrier.

The topic of air, which is anchored in the ISH, also makes an important contribution to the overriding goal of CO2 reduction and energy saving. Air has always been the most important food for people, yet in the past less attention was paid to this topic in buildings. The last two years have now shown everyone how important a hygienic air supply is in buildings, as it minimises health risks and strengthens performance and well-being for people.

All these topics will be vividly presented and thus translated from theory into practice at the Frankfurt exhibition centre from 13 to 17 March 2023.



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