CSSC Haizhuang H260-18MW offshore wind turbine giant emerges

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CSSC Haizhuang H260
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Recently, the H260-18MW offshore wind turbine-independently developed by CSSC Haizhuang and dominated by China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC)- unveiled in Shandong Province Dongying City Offshore Wind Power Industrial Park, with global records of the highest 18MW rating and the largest 260-meter rotor diameter so far. Which demonstrates that CSSC Haizhuang has mastered the core technologies of high-rating offshore wind turbine and key components, led the global offshore wind power industry to reach a new milestone. It is of far-reaching significance for promoting the Chinese energy transition and accelerating the reach of “30.60” target. 

Chasing the “big” era of wind energy

Since 2012, wind energy as a primary role in Chinese energy which has got historic development achievements. China has enjoyed the global largest wind installation capacity for 12 consecutive years. In 2021, China got the title as the world’s largest offshore wind installation capacity. Offshore wind power became one of the Chinese most important renewable energies and was poised to play a vital role in promoting China's “maritime power” strategy. 

In 2022, China’s offshore wind market entered into the new era of grid parity and bidding has become the latest model for the development of offshore wind energy. Under this situation, the wind industry focuses on how to achieve LCOE reduction and improving power generation. And there is no doubt that large-scale and high-reliability of wind turbine is an inevitable requirement for the scale-up development of wind power and cost reduction. In recent years, overseas turbine makers are developing turbines rated capacity above 15MW, and domestic manufacturers also focus on the R&D and application of greater power offshore wind turbines. 

As the leader of R&D and manufacturing of Chinese large-scale offshore wind power equipment, the world’s records maker, and the leader in the development of offshore wind power. With its deep-cultivation on offshore wind since 2008, CSSC Haizhuang has pioneered and led the scale-up development of long blade and great power of turbine in domestic wind power industry. And mastered the core control technologies of greater power offshore turbine, created the precedent for the batch application of parity offshore turbine in China. Adhering the concept of “developing, pre-researching and exploring”, CSSC Haizhuang chases the new breakthrough on steadily increasing the rotor diameter and rated power of wind turbine with step forward way.

Rely on the CSSC’s strong capabilities of marine engineering equipment and collaborative on R&D and manufacturing, and with the technology accumulation on offshore wind industry over 10 years, CSSC Haizhuang insists on the principal of independent innovation, control reliability and scientific development, puts forward the development of “great power, light weight, integrated, nationalization and intelligent” for offshore wind turbine. And successfully achieved goal of R&D and manufacturing of H260-18MW turbine which will make a great contribution to the improvement of turbine’s capacity and efficiency, as well as reducing the LCOE of far-reaching sea wind farm, and have market prospect in high-speed wind and deep-sea areas.

Technology innovations 

CSSC Haizhuang developed and manufactured the H260-18MW offshore wind turbine based on the comprehensive industrial chain, with the medium-speed integrated scheme and breakthroughs on a number of key technologies. Which has successfully led offshore wind into a more “big” era with independent technology innovations. 

Platformization design technology of wind turbine ensures the reliability:

Platformization design for generator with requirements of balanced load, flexible matching of generator system and common blade model. And developed the special platform with SuperBlade+ blade load iteration. Modeled the relationship between blade design factors and load sensitivity. Which updates traditional discrete development mode of turbine and resolved the contradiction between fast iteration and safety & reliability of wind turbine. 
Integrated design technology of wind turbine creates the champion product: 

Established the integrated digital simulation and design platform of turbine-tower-foundation. Which handled the problem of efficient matching of design parameters for wind turbine with large rotor diameter and load decoupling of components. Make sure H260-18MW turbine have the largest swept area per kilowatt, the best power generation performance, the best overall turbine design and internationally leading technology compared with the same level turbines. 
Integrated design technology of wind turbine makes sure the safety reliability:

Carried out configuration suitability research of drivetrain with different environment and power levels. Developed light and medium-speed drivetrain configuration with high-reliability and cost-effective. Be capable of drivetrain design with independent IP rights. Mastered the key and core technologies of design, optimization and integration of drivetrain for great power wind turbine with high efficiency and safety. Leading the development of offshore medium-speed technologies. 

Intelligent control technology of wind turbine promises the high-efficiency:

Established a holographic sensing system for wind turbines’ operation, built collaborative load-reduction and control technology for variable pitch and torque with multi-source online monitoring, which solved the problems of resonance suppression of support structure and flutter suppression of ultra-long flexible blades for great power offshore wind turbine. Ensures the vibration amplitude of support structure reduced by 50%, the limitation loads of blades, hubs reduced by 10%. The adaptive power increasing control technology improves the power generation capacity by 3% for every single turbine. Ensure the best power generation capacity on the basis of stable operation. Developed the first domestic PLC main control software and hardware system for offshore wind turbine, resolved the bottlenecks of main control system of wind turbine.  

Collaborative innovations of wind turbine promote the nationalization path:

CSSC Haizhuang has developed 18MW offshore wind turbine with independent IP rights, which improved the nationalization rate of turbine. So far, the H260-18MW offshore turbine has got 80% of that. CSSC subsidiary companies finished the main components, including blade, gearbox, generator, promising nationalization rate of these main components is higher than 99%. Which leads the development of domestic wind industry and promotes China’s offshore clean energy industry scale bigger and stronger.

Industrial collaboration increases efficiency

The H260-18MW offshore turbine has a swept area of 53,000 square meters, equivalent to area of seven standard football fields. Under full wind speed, 44.8 kilowatt hours of electricity can be generated per revolution, and a single turbine can generate more than 74 million kilowatt hours of electricity every year,delivers enough annual power for 40,000 households for a year. Reduces coal consumption by 25000 tons and the emission of carbon dioxide by 61,000 tons yearly, which has significant effect of energy saving. 

With the largest rotor diameter 260meters, the H260-18MW turbine can generate more power and save sea area, as well as the numbers of positions. Thereby reducing the cost of offshore wind farm and setting a firm foundation for the development of offshore wind industry. Taking the 1-million-kilowatt projects as an example, the installation of 16MW turbine needs 63 positions, however, installation of 18MW turbine will reduce position numbers by 13%, saving more than CNY100 million for construction cost, with considerable economy.

The successful rolling out of H260-18MW offshore turbine nacelle promoted upgrading and iteration of offshore wind industry chain. Driven the rapid development of main components like blade, gearbox, generator, convertor, and foundation. Created a 10 billion scale wind industry cluster. Enhanced Chinese economy development. At the same time, the significant scientific and economic values of project achievements can improve the level of design and testing of offshore great power wind turbine, and promote the continuous transformation to scientific and technological progress, industrial innovation and resource conservation. And ultimately improve the manufacturing level of Chinese wind equipment industry, leading the industrial upgrading, bringing significant social and economic benefits and embracing a broad prospect of industrialization.  

Chasing the wind, embracing the future. Taking the successfully nacelle unveiling of H260-18MW as a new start, CSSC Haizhuang will adhere to the development strategy of “simultaneous innovations and developments on both onshore and offshore wind industry”. With the strong ambitions to explore wind energy industry, CSSC Haizhuang is also committed to being the high-quality new energy application system integrator with cutting-edge technologies. And it is time for wind industry compatriots to work together to promote technology progress of wind energy industry and welcome the grid parity era.  



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