Foreign investments are the way to improve economic and environmental standards in BiH

Renexpo BIH2018

"RENEXPO® is great opportunity to meet with institutions and exchange views, to point out problems and find solutions. Since 2014, FIPA has been actively participating in the RENEXPO® fair, which is distinguished itself from other events with quality meetings with the right investors, as well as with high quality round tables" said Mr. Amir Kazic from the Foregin Investment Promotion Agency in BiH (FIPA) at the Advisory Board meeting in preparation for the international fair RENEXPO® BiH, which will be held from 24th to 25th of October in Sarajevo. Representatives of some of BiH's most important institutions and entity governments, ministries, agencies and foreign partners were gathered at the meeting.

In line with the suggestions of the members of the Committee, it was decided that the conferences this year will be focused on the issues that need to be solved for the improvement of the investment climate, as well as the competitiveness of small and medium-sized companies and the business sector. "Obstacle with issuing permits for the construction of power plants and the awarding of concessions are some of the problems that investors face," said Dr Matthias Schmidt-Rosen, director of the German Development Bank (KfW) in BiH.

Ms. Zijada Redzic from the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Water-mnagement and Forestry pointed out the need to improve the framework for water protection, adding that it is also necessary to better define jurisdictions in this area, for example, the unsolved status of untreated sludge contaminating soil and water, as well as ecological disaster in the Spreče river basin are the results of this. Regarding environmental protection, Mr. Mahir Hadžiabdić from Sarajevo Waterworks and Sewerage announces realization of numerous projects in the field of environmental protection, and states that there is a need for events that would bring together experts and companies in the field of energy and water.

All participants agreed that sustainable development and economic and environmental standards in BiH are closely linked to foreign investments. It is positive that the results of the RENEXPO® fair show that the interest of foreign companies in the markets of the countries of the Western Balkans are on the rise, because in the period from 2014 to 2017, RENEXPO® BiH recorded a constant increase of foreign companies - investors, equipment manufacturers and distributors.

"Sarajevo expects another successful international event in October this year, which brings together reputable companies and market leaders," said Johan Georg Rohm, director of REECO Holding, adding that the international character of the fair means that this year we expect about 65% of foreign exhibitors and 20 % of visitors to come from abroad.

It has been announced that more than 80 companies from the region, Europe and the world are expected to visit RENEXPO® BiH from the fields of biogas, biomass, hydropower, wind energy, photovoltaic, energy efficiency in industry and in buildings, waste management (waste energy), water management and waste water, which recognized RENEXPO® BiH as the best platform for commercial presentation and networking with business partners.

RENEXPO® BiH will be held this year for the jubilee 5th time in the Hotel Hills in Sarajevo, where the rich fair program with plenty of professional meetings, conferences, workshops, round tables and B2B meetings, come together with the aim to share knowledge, performance achievements and investment opportunities, as well as the latest technical solutions.

REECO Western Balkans d.o.o. Petra Drapšina 33, 21 000 Novi Sad, Serbia Fax +381-(0) 21 - 210186  +381 (0) 21 210 1897

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