ISH 2019: “Pop up my Bathroom” bathes in colour

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POP UP my Bathroom
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At ISH in Frankfurt, the leading world trade fair in its field, the experimental showroom ‘Pop up my Bathroom’ is all set, with its ‘Trend Colour Selection’, to provide an insight into the future of colour in bathroom design. Bathroom creations, equipment, furniture and photo-scenarios will all be showcased with social developments, current design trends and technological innovation firmly in mind.

And things are about to get bright, cheerful and super trendy at ISH 2019: tiles, bathroom furniture, washbasins and bathtubs all get a new colourful expressiveness – sometimes a restrained tone-in-tone, sometimes overtly self-confident with reds and even multi-coloured effects. In the coming year, the bathroom will undergo another upgrade as a multi-purpose, brightly coloured and life-affirming place of personal retreat and will again be driving forward lifestyle trends. A ‘mix and match’ approach with painted vintage pieces, Boho rugs and cushions has long been finding its way into other living spaces like living rooms and kitchens – now, this new colourfulness is working its magic on the bathroom, with a variety of stylish accents.

The special show ‘Pop up my Bathroom’ has been organised by Messe Frankfurt and the Association of the German Sanitation Industry (Vereinigung der Deutschen Sanitärwirtschaft - VDS).
Held in the ‘Saal Europa’ in Hall 4.0, from 11 to 15 March 2019, it will showcase the varied possibilities for using state-of-the-art bathroom design features in a number of selected combinations.

Getting to grips with the colour trends for bathtubs and the like

Textiles are ideal for bringing colour into the bathroom; but we now find that there is a revolutionary new trend for colour in integrated products such as vanity units and basins, mineral cast and ceramic items, taps and mixers, shower cubicles and bathtubs. Particularly popular are both powerful, eye-catching colours in the yellow-orange-red spectrum and a palette of blues that bring with them a Nordic freshness. For interior design in the bathroom, green is the colour of the moment. The different greens range from a delicate pastel green and several fresh greens to a dark elegance. It is a trend that can be attributed to an increased environmental awareness amongst customers, symbolising, also, as the colours do, the health-giving aspects of the bathroom. Warm, powdery pastel tones from a subdued colour palette create a comfortable, easy-to-live-in feel in the bathroom. Lining up in the background are white and black, as well as all shades of grey. Black is used on its own as the dominant colour and combined with materials such as marble and brass. And there is a fundamental demand for individually designed bathrooms, with colour co-ordinated combinations of products and materials.

“Colour in the bathroom is continuing to assert itself in 2019 – and is, therefore, beginning to take over from the long-standing white phase. Deriving from the general lifestyle trend, this development makes its own specific contribution to issues such as individualisation, cosiness in the home and emotional appeal,” explains Jens J. Wischmann, General Manager of the Association of the German Sanitation Industry (VDS).

“Coloured surfaces have, of course, always been around. Now the use of colours is bolder and not determined by the surfaces themselves.” On the whole, strong colours and patterns previously appeared only on waterproof wall coverings on the bathroom walls. But the bathtub, lavatory pan, wash basin and tiles remained white. Now, however, a wide variety of colours and shades have reached key aspects of sanitary equipment and are re-interpreting afresh the one-time shiny, coloured bathrooms of the 1980s. “It is about a holistic approach to colour concepts in the bathroom, which perhaps appear, at first glance, to contradict one another in the mix of styles,” reports Wischmann. He sees progressive bathroom furniture makers as the sector’s design pioneers of the future.

“There is an excellent opportunity, here, for bathroom planners to extend their competence in the use of colour and to apply it accordingly.”

Trend Forum to discuss the potential of the use of colour Visual and cultural research into trends in bathroom design, including current colour trends, will not only be showcased in the extensive exhibition at ISH 2019; it will also be the subject of various lectures in the adjoining Trend Forum. Wischmann is sure that, “whatever bathroom concept the customer decides on, the sector will always be in a position to cater for all tastes. At the end of the day, it is all about improving the quality of time spent in the bathroom – and such a remarkable palette of alternative colourways will assist us greatly in this endeavour in the future.” Further information: The special show ‘Pop up my Bathroom’, together with the Trend Forum, will be on show at the ISH leading world trade fair from 11-15 March 2019, in Frankfurt am Main. “Pop up my Bathroom” at ISH 2019 ’Pop up my Bathroom’ has been closely following current developments in bathroom design since 2009. This trend platform has been organised by Messe Frankfurt in collaboration with the Association of the German Sanitation Industry (Vereinigung der Deutschen Sanitärwirtschaft - VDS).

Held alongside this showcase for visionary design ideas at ISH is the Trend Forum, where experts analyse and discuss the design trends of the future. Architects, bathroom planners, interior designers, journalists, and interested end-consumers will find lots of further topics on the ISH website, the communications platform covering all aspects of the show. These topic areas will enable everyone to keep abreast of new bathroom concepts and new developments in the many and varied aspects of sanitation, all year round. ‘Pop up my Bathroom’ is product neutral in the way that it presents design trends for the bathroom. ‘Pop up my Bathroom’ is held as part of the leading international trade fair every two years and embodies the findings of a study, which provides an overview of trends in the bathroom for both professionals and consumers.



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