The keys to Expobiomasa 2023

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  • Of the 12.000 visitors expected 44% seek contact suppliers and companies and 55% find news and technological solutions.
  • 300 companies and brands from 30 countries will be present, 35% exhibit heating equipment, another 35% show technologies to produce biofuels and its industry and the remaining 30% shows technologies and services for industrial bioenergy production.


A unique fair to access an unstoppable sector

La 14th edition of Expobiomasa It will be held on May 9, 10 and 11, 2023 at Feria de Valladolid, Spain

Currently, and given the increase in sales, manufacturers supply distributors in Spain, Portugal and Latin America on request, which requires better planning. Holding the fair in May will allow professionals to plan their sales and increase their profitability.

Biomass provides 57% of all the renewable energy consumed in Europe, and is undoubtedly being the vector for an energy transition in the heating and air conditioning sector that requires practically half of all the energy that is consume. Given the lack of fossil fuels and their extremely high prices for consumers, whether they are industries or families, the use of biomass will be key in the coming years for Europeans and, therefore, for Spaniards.

Sales in Spain of stoves and boilers are continuously breaking records, pellet consumption, despite the increase in its price due to the increase in production costs, will break records, the use of wood chips for industrial installations is also at a maximum.

Double prize for innovation in the biomass sector in 2023

The Spanish Biomass Association, AVEBIOM, is holding a competition to reward innovation in the biomass sector in 2023 in two categories: technological innovation and innovative practice.

The call will remain open until March 31, 2023 and the prizes will be awarded at the EXPOBIOMASA fair, on May 9, 2023.

The double call is part of the set of activities that Expobiomasa develops from its firm commitment to the revitalization of the sector and the recognition of the initiatives that contribute to promoting its economic development.

In addition, the award for Best Innovative Practice is part of the H2020 BRANCHES project, promoted in Spain by AVEBIOM and CIRCE and the Network for the Exchange of Innovative Practices with Biomass exchangebiom.

The call is open to any company or public or private entity that has contributed technological innovations in the field of energy recovery from biomass or its transformation for other purposes within the bioeconomy.,




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