RENEXPO® trade fair and conferences premiere in North Macedonia

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For the first time in North Macedonia, international trade fair RENEXPO® opens its doors to business leaders, decision makers, local and international experts for Renewable energy, Water management and Solid waste management with more than 50 international and national exhibitors. During the 3rd and 4th of December 2019 RENEXPO® will hold 6 conferences and round tables in co-organization with relevant government agencies and business partners.

RENEXPO® is a registered trade mark by REECO International, organizer of trade fairs and conferences throughout Europe. Since 1997, REECO International and REECO Gmbh have been pioneers whose goal has been to pave the road towards an energy supply based on renewable energies, promote new possibilities in Waste & Water and integrate energy efficient solutions. RENEXPO® trade fairs have become recognizable brand in the Western Balkans since 2014, when the first expo took place in Belgrade and Sarajevo. It showcased relevant foreign companies with their advanced technologies and gathered interested parties in finding opportunities to cooperate, invest and innovate in this highly potential market.

The highlights of RENEXPO® events are the conferences and round tables where the government officials, policy makers, members of diplomatic corps, industry leaders and investors promote their interests, join forces in mutual endeavours and shape the future trends. It is a unique place where you can directly approach potential partners and find the information from the first hand. With REECO’s extensive network of associates from the region and abroad, each RENEXPO® trade fair is destined for success.
As this being the first RENEXPO® trade fair in North Macedonia, many foreign companies are interested to demonstrate their technologies and to establish partnerships with the local businesses and institutions. It would also be interested for the general public to inform themselves of possible sustainable solutions to North Macedonia’s energy needs and environmental issues. The topics, round tables and discussions at our fairs are very relevant to the quality of life of the citizens of Northern Macedonia and directly affect the economic development of the entire region.

Hope to see you at RENEXPO® NMK 2019 at Aleksandar Palace Hotel, Skopje. 



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