Riello Celebrates 100 Years, Positioned for a Robust and Sustainable Future

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Riello, a leading manufacturer of systems and technologies for heating, air conditioning, and energy efficiency in the residential and light commercial sectors and a world leader in combustion technology, this year celebrates its 100th anniversary of providing innovative heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) solutions.

From the beginning, Riello has innovated and evolved to meet the challenges of a segment in continuous and rapid transformation. Today, Riello creates solutions to help create a more sustainable future. Riello is a part of Carrier Global Corporation (NYSE:CARR), the leading global provider of healthy, safe, sustainable and intelligent building and cold chain solutions.

Pilade Riello's invention of combustion technology in a small workshop in Legnago, near Verona, changed the way industries produce heat and hot water. Today, the company has a global footprint and an innovating and ever-growing product range for the residential and light commercial sectors. Riello develops systems to pursue a sustainable energy transition by 2050, in line with the roadmap outlined by the European Union with the Green Deal-Fit for 55.

"We are proud of our history and the many solutions under development that allow our customers to face the EU energy transition,” said François Audo, VP & GM, Carrier Global Comfort Solutions Europe and Riello. “We believe heat pumps, hybrid systems, and hydrogen-ready technologies powered by IoT solutions for multiple energy management will be an effective and flexible mix to accompany fossil-fuel phase-out over the next few decades. Riello, which has always put the creation of a complete and diversified cutting-edge product offering at the center of its strategy, is ready to accompany the industry in this delicate transition."

Electric heat pumps and hybrid systems represent some of the core technologies of Riello's strategy to cut CO2 emissions in the world of residential and professional heating and air conditioning. This range will be expanded and strengthened thanks to Carrier's current €14 million investment to build a new R&D Center of Excellence in Villasanta (MB) by the end of 2023. Specifically, the center of excellence will be dedicated to innovation in heat pumps, hydrogen boilers and IoT solutions for home comfort.

The use of renewable sources is the additional lever to achieve energy neutrality. Today new energy vectors, such as hydrogen, are finding more and more space in the market. Riello is present with an offer of boilers at 20% fueled by hydrogen in blend with methane. It is developing a new generation, ready to be fueled 100% by hydrogen with innovative technologies.

Thanks to its Research & Development Center in Angiari, Riello is also developing a new generation of higher-performance burners, operating with an increasing percentage of biofuels. Over the past two years, burners operating with biofuel blends of up to 20% have been developed for North America, and burners operating with biofuel blends of up to 100% have been launched in northern Europe, France in particular. In this segment, Riello has moved ahead of new regulatory requirements that mandate the use of 30% biofuels in new liquid-fueled heating systems as of July 2022.

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For more information on its history of innovation and sustainable technologies for the future, visit www.riello.com




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