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VdS CEA 4001en
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Effective sprinkler systems are often the decisive criterion for immediately stopping the frequent fires from developing their destructive power. // To ensure that these important technologies will always function safely in an emergency, experts all over the world rely on the practical VdS Guidelines CEA 4001en for planning and installation. // Europe's largest institute for fire protection has now comprehensively updated this standard reference work.

Every five minutes a fire breaks out in a company in Germany. Equal numbers can be assumed for many other countries with fire damage even in the rather small Netherlands reaching one billion Euros every year. The decisive factor for successful firefighting is always the immediate response in this emergency – making sprinkler systems probably the most important mechanism for the protection of human lives and property against the enormous destructive forces of fire. Until these systems were invented, fires were regarded as natural disasters that could not be controlled and repeatedly destroyed entire cities.VdS

VdS, Europe's largest institute for safety, has been testing sprinkler systems since they were first in use on our continent – and is bundling its more than 110 years of experience in loss prevention in the international standard for the safe planning and installation of these important systems: the Guidelines VdS CEA 4001en. This technical support tool, known in the industry as the “Sprinkler Bible”, is now available in a comprehensively updated version.

Frank Bieber, head of Product Management VdS Inspection Services, explains the new features:

“The core revisions concern, for example, specifications for pipe holders and the use of systems in buildings equipped with SHEVs. Important were also changes for optimal frost protection, requirements for shelf sprinklers specially for the protection of small parts stores, automatic monitoring of systems and the connection of additional users to the water supply. The regulations for ESFR extinguishing systems have also been greatly expanded. In addition, we have clarified all points about which questions have arisen from our partners in recent years. The new edition of the VdS CEA 4001en offers all those responsible for technical fire protection the usual practical, precise assistance adapted to the latest technologies and conditions. Goal: proven effectivity in the implementation of reliable sprinkler systems”.

Together with experts from practice, science and authorities, VdS inspectors continuously work on the further development and updating of the institute's Guidelines. For users, this ensures optimum protection at all times. The new VdS CEA 4001en is available at vds-shop.de/en



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