Registration for bilateral business meetings at MachTech & InnoTech and BULCONTROLA is now open


The international event will take place on April 7th, 2016
Registration for the bilateral business meetings for commercial cooperation and technology transfer between Bulgarian and foreign companies - B2B MatchMaking, which will be held during MachTech & InnoTech 2016 and BULCONTROLA 2016, is already open. The meetings will be held on 7 April and the deadline for applications is 21 March. The event is organized for the fourth consecutive year by Inter Expo Center, Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Enterprise Europe Network - the largest information network of the European Commission in support of small and medium-sized enterprises.

The exhibitions for industrial equipment MachTech & InnoTech, and BULCONTROLA -measurement and control devices, analytical, laboratory equipment and electrical devices, will be held in parallel from 5 to 8 April. Along with them will also be held WATER SOFIA - the B2B Forum for Water Management.
Why is it important to participate
"B2B MatchMaking are bilateral business meetings providing an opportunity for companies and organizations within just one day to establish business contacts with local and foreign partners for joint business, technology transfer and participation in projects funded by the EU," says the manager of Inter Expo Center, Mr. Ivaylo Ivanov.

According to Milena Stoeva from BIA, this year within MachTech & InnoTech there has been implemented 170 meetings between interested companies, including companies from the Netherlands, Belgium, Tunisia, Spain, Turkey, Serbia and others. "Every year the percentage of participants increased, indicating that the project works and produces impact. Therefore we urge Bulgarian entrepreneurs to participate in the next edition of meetings so that they expand their business or penetrate foreign markets", says Mrs.Stoeva.

How to register
Registration for the event can be made online or on the website of the event - You need to fill in contact details and data about the company and for the person who will participate in the meetings, as well as to select in which of two B2B sessions (morning and afternoon) you wish to attend, or possibly both.
The next stage is to complete the description of the company, a sector and the necessary details that you would like to be known to other participants. Then you will choose a local EEN partner who will assist in communication during the event - for example, Bulgarian Industrial Association.

After registering, you must create a corporate profile with a description of the products and services you offer, and the type of partnership that offer or you are looking for. Creation of company profile is important because it will be your presentation to the other participants.
The final stage of the program is to request meetings with companies of your choice and thus respond to invitations sent to you. After the deadline, each participant can find the final schedule of the event and the duration of each of the meetings is 25 minutes. este partener media al evenimentului.

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