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No accidents Plovdiv Bulgaria
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The upcoming event “NO accidents” will be held from 14 to 15 November in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and is in the format “Conference and accompanying exhibition part”. It has already provoked interest in the industry representatives.

“A number of possibilities exist for achieving a higher level of safety, automation and profitability for installations and buildings.” – the organizers from Via Expo comment.

Speakers and exhibitors from Bulgaria, Italy, the Netherlands, the UK and Serbia will participate in the event.

Dr. Jezdimir Knezevic, MIRCE Akademy, will deliver a speech on Accidents Avoidance through Reliability + Maintenance = Functionability. The body of knowledge MIRCE Science enables quantitative prediction of the complex interactions between reliability and maintenance issues.

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What did we learn from maintenance related accidents in the oil & gas industry? - Hans van Selm, Salvetti Foundation, Italy will speak within the conference program on the lessons from real-life accidents in the oil and gas industries.

An expert from the European Federation of Construction Industry (FIEC) will highlight on the design and building information modeling as a way to improve security in buildings.

The speakers will pay special attention to the novelties in design and maintenance of industrial facilities. Prof. Dimitar Nazarski from the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, Sofia will acquaint the attendees with efficient approaches for the reinforcement of facilities and structures in aggressive environments. How could wireless technologies be integrated into deformation monitoring systems in bridges, buildings and towers? - Valeriy Tsanov, Scortel Ltd., Bulgaria will share his experience on the topic.

The attendees will have a great opportunity to get acquainted with some of the latest solutions of leading names in the prevention field. Among them are Dräger Safety Bulgaria (gas analyzing and gas rescue systems), Konica Minolta Digital Solutions (industrial video security systems and digital IoT Solutions), Trokuttest Group (inspection devices), Bosch Security Systems (intelligent security and safety systems), ITA Engineering Ltd. (local automated alert systems), etc.
An accent will also be placed on the issues related to project financing, workplace safety, road safety as an essential element in industrial safety, infrared thermography.

Near the conference hall the organizer Via Expo will place an Exhibition Zone, where participants can discuss specific issues with the exhibitors and some of the lecturers in an informal setting.
For an accident free functioning of the work processes company IKO-EL-Konstantin Stoyanov offers systems for a non-disconnect and emergency power supply. Delta Instrument will present a new line of professional portable gas detectors for personal protection from various toxic and dangerous gases, offered by company WatchGas, the Netherlands, which is now entering the Bulgarian market.
Become part of “NO accidents” and you can take advantage of:

  • an exchange of professional experience
  • establishment of partnerships between representatives of the private sector, municipalities and industry associations
  • the latest knowledge solutions on how to minimize damages in industry accidents

Browse the Conference Program  Priority Booking Form is media partner of the event.




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