The next edition of Expobiomasa is set to have 500 exhibitor firms

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The period of registration for exhibitors has just opened with discounts of up to 60%

AVEBIOM makes the official announcement of Expobiomasa (24-26 September 2019) and opens the period of registration. After eleven successful, consecutive editions, AVEBIOM has announced the 12th edition of the Show Specialising in Biomass Technology in Valladolid, which remains a biennial event. The organisers hope to continue promoting the most important specialist professional show in the use of biomass energy as a reference for Spain and Portugal and a commercial link between Europe and Ibero-America. Expobiomasa strengthens its outstanding position in the ranking as one of the five-best shows in the sector in the world and is to share the international events calendar with other important shows such as Progetto Fuoco in Verona.

What attracts professionals to Expobiomasa?

The show organised by AVEBIOM, the Spanish Association for the Energy Recovery of Biomass, which has over 180 members, has been an indicator of the sector since 2006. And now, on a biennial basis, it is the meeting point for the entire value chain and, therefore, brings together professionals from very different sectors. However, there are two large groups of professionals that attend Expobiomasa to meet up with suppliers and find technological solutions.

  • On the one hand, those interested in biomass heating and climate-control solutions: fitters, commercial distributors, decorators, builders, engineers, local authority officials, distribution group managers and large energy consumers, etc.
  • On the other, those interested in producing biofuels: professionals from the agroforestry sector and its industry, suppliers of chips, firewood, olive stones, pellets and other by-products, engineers, professionals from the recycling sector, investors and biomass logistics and distribution companies, etc.

For most visitors and exhibitors, Expobiomasa is the best professional show they go to, which is why 90% of professionals say they will be going to the next edition. 89% of the professionals who attended the last edition say that they went to find "new products and services, offers and business opportunities" and 90% say that their attendance was "satisfactory".

expobiomasa valladolid

As a professional encounter, 78% of Expobiomasa’s visitors are now working on biomass projects or with biomass equipment and, although it is true that the number of visitors at the last three editions has not grown as quickly as in the past, the sector is confident this will change. First of all, we are starting to see new biogas and power-generation projects and, secondly, there is an increase in demand for the installation of thermal biomass equipment, which is taking off thanks to the increase in fossil fuel prices. Installation processes are also undergoing a professionalisation process in the sector.

The last edition of Expobiomasa was attended by three hundred professionals from the continent of America, with a prominence of visitors from Mexico, Chile and Argentina, countries that make particularly use of biomass as an energy source. The exportation of technology to these countries is growing exponentially and they represent a very important potential with which AVEBIOM’s member companies continue to work very closely. In Europe, Portugal, owing to its proximity and importance in the sector, is still the most widely represented country after Spain in terms of exhibitors and visitors. Over one thousand visitors to the last edition came from Portugal. Other prominent countries include Italy and France.

International and Spanish professionals also enjoy the ‘post-show’, which is an attractive part of the event not included in the brochures. For example, the SABOR A BIOMASA initiative, with special menus, tapas routes and tasting sessions to make the visit to Valladolid even more attractive and welcoming while talking about biomass.

Thinking about exhibiting

Expobiomasa will be the most important specialised show in the sector across Europe in 2019. This is not only the opinion of European biomass associations, but also that of the exhibitor firms when 94% of them say in the surveys that Expobiomasa is as good as or better than other professional shows in the energy sector.

It is also important to know that figures have also been provided on the financial return of the investment, beyond the brand image with current and potential customers, since it is something very few events offer: according to AVEBIOM's surveys, the last edition of Expobiomasa helped increase sales for all exhibitors totalling approximately €17.2 million, a figure that has increased 25% in comparison with the 2015 edition.

expobiomasa valladolid

Registration discounts

AVEBIOM has organised three discount periods with interesting terms and conditions for companies registering early:

First period open until 31 October 2018. 60% discounts for AVEBIOM members and 40% for non-members.
Second period of registration with discount until 31 March 2019. 25% discounts for AVEBIOM members and 15% for non-members.
Final period of registration until 31 May 2019: 10% discount for AVEBIOM members only.

Exhibitors who would like more information or an estimate on-no-obligation should write by email to and or call us on (0034) 975 10 20 20



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